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CEF Logo 100% Awareness Campaign: Teacher and School Enrichment Grants
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Teacher and School Enrichment Grants
The Chandler Education Foundation (CEF) awards a limited number of 100% Awareness Teacher and School Enrichment Grants for special projects to teachers and staff in CUSD who want to develop new ideas to enrich the educational experience.  The enrichment grants are awarded to staff who would not otherwise have sources of funding or who would have to use their own money to support their project.  Any staff member in CUSD may apply for one enrichment grant from the 100% Awareness Teachers' Grant Fund.
2016 Funding Levels

CEF is proud to say that the enrichment grant funding levels will remain the same for the 2016 / 2017 grant cycle:
  • Individual Teachers may apply for a grant up to $500
  • Multiple Teacher, Department or Grade Level Projects may apply for up to $750
  • School wide K-12 projects may apply for up to $1,200
Who Supports the 100% Awareness Teacher and School Enrichment Grants?
The 100% Awareness Teacher and School Enrichment Grants are supported through CEF's annual 100% Awareness Campaign.  This campaign asks the community, through our local schools, for small donations to show support for education.
Past Year Awards
  • During the 2015/2016 school year, CEF awarded 101 grants to teachers and schools valued at over $61,000.
  • During the 2014/2015 school year, CEF awarded 86 grants to teachers and schools valued at over $56,000.
2015 Annual WOO HOO Patrol
The CEF “WOO HOO Patrol” celebration took place on October 22nd.  The Patrol surprised teachers and students by visiting 35 schools and awarded 245 teachers and school-wide grants.  Balloons, big checks, certificates, and ribbons adorned the winners. An exciting day for teachers, staff and schools!  View the photos from this fun-filled day below. 

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Last Modified on August 10, 2016