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Elementary (K-6)
Open Enrollment Information
2016-2017 | July 25, 2016 - May 31, 2017

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Click here for the 2017-2018 information. 

Open Enrollment enables Arizona students to attend public schools outside their attendance area. In accordance with state law, the District has established an open enrollment policy and implemented an open enrollment program without charging tuition for non-resident students and resident transfer students. Open Enrollment Application may be submitted online or a printed application may submitted to the District Office.

Open Enrollment applications are received on a first come, first come basis and prioritized. Click here to see the Priority Group listings.

The elementary school offices will review their Open Enrollment applications for third quarter beginning Friday, December 16 through Thursday, December 22, 2016. Third quarter begins January 10, 2017. The fourth quarter reviewing period is listed below.
Application Reviewing Periods
 Approval Quarters
Quarter Starts
March 6-March 10
Emergency Placements Only
4th Quarter 3/28/17

The Governing Board accepted revised language for returning students on an Open Enrollment. Once accepted, continuing open enrollment is subject to review each year without reapplication if continuing at enrolled site.
When is an Open Enrollment Application needed?
1. When a Chandler Unified School District student that is NOT on an open enrollment/boundary exemption and wishing to attend a DIFFERENT school within the Chandler Unified School District boundaries.
2. When a student lives in a  school district other than Chandler Unified and wishes to attend a school in the Chandler Unified School District boundaries.
3. When a student is attending a Chandler Unified school and they move out of the boundaries of the current school during the school year and want to continue at the same school.
4. When you recently purchased a house or signed a new lease for a home in one of the Chandler Unified School District boundaries and you want your child to attend the school.
*See additional information in the green section, number 5.

Things to know about the Open Enrollment Application
1. An Open Enrollment Application is needed for each child. (Example, A family with 3 children would complete the Open Enrollment Application three times, one for each child.)
2. Submitting multiple Open Enrollment Applications for one child with different school choices will result in the applications being denied or admission being revoked.
 3. Providing false information on the Open Enrollment Application will result in the application being denied or admission being revoked.
4. An e-mail confirmation will be sent once the Open Enrollment Application for your child and the Open Enrollment Survey are completed. If you have not received your e-mail confirmation after 20 minutes, check your junk mail or spam folder for the confirmation e-mail. If you still haven't received the e-mail confirmation, your e-mail address may have been entered incorrectly. Send an e-mail to Stephanie Tobin to request your e-mail confirmation.
5. *Please submit your Purchasing Agreement or Leasing Contract to Stephanie Tobin for verification. Once verified, your application will be prioritized for the school to contact you. Once you are contacted by the school, you can complete the registration at the school.
Changes to your submitted Open Enrollment Application
1. If you made an error on the online application (wrong birth date, spelled name incorrectly, wrong gender, change of address), please forward your e-mail confirmation with an explanation of correction to Stephanie Tobin, We cannot make changes to your first choice selection.
2. If you would like to delete the application because you  want to make a change to the school choice order, please forward your e-mail confirmation to Stephanie Tobin, requesting to delete the current application. Stephanie will reply back to you confirming the application has been deleted and then you will be able to create a new application.
3. To cancel your application, please forward your e-mail confirmation with an explanation of cancellation Stephanie Tobin,

What happens after you submit the Online Open Enrollment Application?
1. The application will be assigned a Priority Group Number from Elementary Education.
2. For incoming Kindergarten-6th grade application (currently NOT attending a Chandler Unified school): If you need to submit your child's attendance report, grade reports and/discipline report, please send them via e-mail to Stephanie Tobin, or drop them off to the District Office.
If your child is currently attending a Chandler Unified School, please do not submit records. We have the ability of looking up your child's records.
3. Schools will verify their ratios and this will determine how many open enrollments can be approved for each grade level.
4. Schools will access their online Priority Group Reports to review applications, by Priority Group and by time and date stamp.
5. If the open enrollment application is approved, the school will contact the parent/legal guardian by phone and/or e-mail. Notification will be made as promptly as possible upon receipt of an application.
6. The parent/legal guardian must confirm the acceptance of the approved open enrollment with the school within five (5) working days from the contact date or the seat will be offered to the next applicant.
7. Elementary Education will send notification letters via US Mail.
8. Registration will take place at the school after notification has been received. See the Student Registration and Enrollment Information section for more registration information.
9. Once accepted, continuing open enrollment is subject to review each year without reapplication if continuing at enrolled site.

*Open Enrollment request for 6th grade at Andersen Junior High, ACP-Oakland, and Basha AMS, will need to complete the Secondary Open Enrollment Application.

*If you reside in the Chandler Unified School District, we request that you register your child at their attendance boundary school. If you are unsure of your home school site, please view the boundary map. If your child's Open Enrollment Application is approved, their records will be transferred to the approved school.

Multiple applications (online and/or paper) will result in a revocation of your Open Enrollment request.

(One application per child)


 What are the benefits of submitting an online Open Enrollment Application?


  • Complete at home or in the office.
  • Utilize a smart phone, computer, or tablet.
  • Submit through a secured website.
  • Receive e-mail confirmation of your application approximately 20 minutes after submission.
    It's quick and easy!

The Open Enrollment Application consist of two pages:
1. the application.
2. the survey.
Complete pages 1 and 2 to receive your e-mail confirmation. 

Application Reviewing Period

Application Reviewing Periods
 Approval Quarters
March 6-March 10
Emergency Placements Only
4th Quarter

 Apply here for Open Enrollment.

View the Open Enrollment Governing Board Policy for more information.